Battery Storage

With the escalating costs of energy, the best solution is to add battery storage to offset the cost of your elevated energy cost. These work with or without solar or EV chargers. Furthermore, when the bidirectional chargers become available they can be used with your existing EV to add additional capacity. These battery storage solutions can replace the use of standby generators and have a 30% tax credit.

Current Cost

Currently you are paying about $.12 kwh. Starting in October of 2023, your utility will implement Time of Use Plans. Most will have a few options available, but the one similarity is the very low cost to use energy between 12-6 AM, ($.03) and the very expensive cost between 4-8 PM ($.27). With battery storage you can fill both your EV and the battery with cheap energy and use it to offset the energy needs between 4-8 PM.

Inflation Reduction Act The Clean Energy offers a 30% tax credit for battery storage installations. You get the best of both worlds, a lower overall energy bill and a tax credit with the installation.

Calculators and Links Time of Use App Real time energy graphs, calculators, and standard house templates.